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Looking for a response to the big question


Everyone has watched the price for Iota steadily rise, with no hint of any sort of big drop. Unlike Ripple, the other widely-speculated coin, this one seemed to keep going up! Hell, even I stood gazing at the screen in some cases, pulling up the new chart every morning, and just watching it be higher than the next day!


However, and still, at the end of the day, and still right now, there was a typical inquiry that was on everybody’s brains. When is Iota coming to Coinbase?


The best variances to Iota’s price happened when that inquiry was undetermined. All of December, everyone pondered the answer to the same question. Everyone wanted to know, and STILL wants to know: when is Iota coming to Coinbase?


All things considered, the pitiful truth is, we’re just not certain when that will happen.

When is Iota coming to Coinbase
Hold onto your Iota, folks!

When is Iota coming to Coinbase? We don’t know!


Believe it or not, the response to that inquiry is as yet floating open to question for everybody. Also, to individuals like me, who are holding a bit of Iota, we particularly need to know. In any case, what we DO know, is this:


As indicated by prevalent cryptonews site Coindesk.com, Coinbase made a declaration on January fourth, 2018. That declaration said that they were not anticipating including any new types of cryptocurrency to the site for the long stretch of January.


It’s hard to believe, but it’s true, for a long time to come, there stays just four distinct types of cryptocurrency on Coinbase. They are Bitcoin (obviously,) Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin.


At the point when this enormous (and to a few people, terrible) news hit, the estimation of Ripple dropped forcefully. It went from over $3.50 per coin, down to nearly underneath $1.00. Fortunately I settled on the choice to empty the greater part of my Ripple stores at it’s pinnacle, and left with over $250 in benefit from a little $100 venture. But I digress; this has nothing to do with Iota.


In any case, the inquiry noticeable all around remains: when is Iota coming to Coinbase?


I wish I could let you know, I truly do; regardless I have some Iota close by!!!


Seeking the future for the upstart currency


Iota might still be rising, but there’s every indication it will go higher still. If you still want to buy some and watch your investment climb, it’s not too late. All things considered, the genuine champs in this whole silly game are the ones willing to stand fast when something’s shoddy. What’s more, from that point forward, another imperative quality is required: PATIENCE!


All things considered, Iota has been around a great deal longer than two or three months; you think the general population who got it when it was shabby were seeking after a quick empty? Nope!


The most effective method to get in on the activity


Sadly, since nobody knows when is Iota coming to Coinbase, it’s… well, not accessible on Coinbase. In this manner, keeping in mind the end goal to get it, you will need to join there, in the event that you haven’t as of now. At that point you’ll need a profile on Binance. That way, you can buy Bitcoins on Coinbase (click here for a profile,) exchange them to Binance, and utilize that to get Iota. Good luck!


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