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How to buy Ripple with USD dollars cash


Putting your American dollars to work


Everyone wants to know the ‘secret’ to getting rich. How do I get more money without working more hours? After all, there’s only so many hours in the day. And, as much as you might hate this fact, you DO need to sleep every day I order to properly function. You think Jeff Bezos can magically add more hours to his day?


No, the secret to becoming rich, isn’t much of a secret at all: making your money work for you.


This is what makes investing so appealing. You pump a bit of cash in, go to sleep, and the next day when you wake up from a nice dream about cheeseburgers falling from the sky, surprise! Your investment is worth more than you paid!


So, considering how hot Ripple is, you might be wondering how to buy Ripple with USD dollars cash. If this is you, then read on! And if not, then read on anyway; you’ll learn something!

How to buy Ripple with USD dollars cash

How to buy Ripple with USD dollars cash


Okay, let’s start off from square one. The first thing you’ll want to do, is sign yourself up on Coinbase. This is what you’ll be using to turn your American money into Bitcoin.


Yes I know, I’m telling you how to get Bitcoin, and you’re looking for Ripple. Well, just be patient; all good things in due time, to those who are deserving. And even if you’re not deserving, well who cares; you’re in control here.


Once you’ve bought up as much Bitcoin as you want, then you’re done here for now. But keep in mind: there’s a fee for transactions done over Coinbase, so don’t just buy five dollars’ worth. Make sure your purchase is beefy enough to justify the fee!


If you need some help on figuring out how to buy your Bitcoins here, click here for a more in-depth explanation of how to get that going.


On to step two!


Okay, time for step two for how to buy Ripple with USD dollars cash. The next thing you need to do is sign yourself up on Binance. Reason you need to do this, is because you can’t buy Ripple up on Coinbase. But thankfully, signing up on Binance is a pretty easy feat, and can be done in seconds.


That done? Good. Next step to knowing how to buy Ripple with USD dollars cash is making your transfer keys. This is whats going to let you transfer funds from your Coinbase Bitcoin wallet, over to Binance. Once you’ve done that, use the key to send your Bitcoins over to Binance. Then, just use your Bitcoin to buy Ripple. That’s it!


Once again, if you need more help with the process of the transfer key generation, transfer, or anything else, just click here!


You’re done!


Here’s to your winning Ripple transaction! And if you’re looking for more how-tos, or just interested in Cryptocurrency news and tips, check out our other blogs!


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